TTT logoDuration: 2 Days

Background– Many companies are very specific on how they want their employees trained; therefore developing the internal trainers seems the most feasible option. Trainers create lasting impressions on the employees, instilling in them their company’s values and expectations, as well as ensuring that employees have the necessary skills set to succeed. The Train the Trainer module is designed to give the prospective trainer the experience of teaching the material and transferring their knowledge into useful outcomes, before “going live.”


–  Highlight The Power Of “I” As A Trainer
–  Understand The Training Methodologies For Facilitating Learning And Handling Audience Personalities
–  Group Activity To Enhance Acceptance And Learning

Program Outline- This program is divided into 4 sub modules:

–  Module 1 – Trainer as an Individual
–  Module 2 – Trainer as a Facilitator
–  Module 3 – Trainer as a Designer
–  Module 4 – Trainer as a Presenter
–  Participants Involvement