SN logoDuration: 1 Day

Background- Building up a network of diverse people is very helpful for any business. People usually like to do business with those whom they trust and have a liking for. Strategic Networking would help you to expand your contact list, thereby helping you to expand your sales base. It could also bring you in touch with different requirements help you to diversify your business. The program is designed to highlight the importance of Networking and to provide techniques and the process to improve one’s networking skills and extend one’s reach and become more result oriented.

Objectives –

–  Internalize the Networking techniques required for maximum gains.
–  Focus on relationship building and know the importance of networking
–  Appreciate and implement the best strategies and techniques for networking

Program Outline-

–  Assessment
–  Being Memorable
–  Networking Framework
–  Networking – Key Factors
–  Networking Tac-Tics and Techniques
–  Role Models
–  Networking Internally