ST logoDuration: 4 Hours


“Sometimes you find a Story; or may be Sometimes a Story finds you”

Amongst today’s dynamic business landscapes, It’s not about having leaders in huge quantity but of Impactful Quality. When a Leader presents he doesn’t just communicates but drive action and change, articulates mission and executes vision. Essentially he influences, relates, connects, creates a picture for the audience, adds value for the audience….Tells a STORY to the Audience. There must be three phases of a Story when shared – Past, Present and Future

As a Leader;

Evaluate the Past,

Execute the Present,

And Plan the Future…through your Stories


–  Appreciate the power of Influencing and Inspiring employees through anecdotes, situations and experiences
–  Understand the types of Story Telling for Specific Leadership objectives and challenges
–  Strategies and Techniques for Story telling to facilitate Change and Initiate new Paradigms
–  Creating Impact with Internal teams and the various stakeholders


Program contents

–  What Stories do?
–  Types of Stories
–  The Story Telling Matrix
–  Components of a Story
–  The Story Telling Cycle
–  The Structure of Story Telling
–  Key Challenges of Story Telling