selling with passion newDuration: 1 Day


Selling is about transferring the passion you have for your product or service into the heart of a prospective customer. Passion changes perspective. Facts inform, but passion moves. It is the energy you put into the sale, and it comes from your heart, not just your head. The program on Selling with Passion will motivate your sales personnel – and more importantly, it will give your sales team a solid foundation to succeed.


–  Understand the importance of Self and that “I” not only make the difference but a Winning Difference
–  Internalize the techniques required to enhance sales efficiency for maximum gains.
–  Selling and Closing strategies & skills required for Selling with Passion.

Program Outline-

–  The Power of Passion and Attitude
–   Working with Assertiveness
–  Understand the Sales framework for Selling
–  Techniques to increase sales
–  Closing Strategies