RMDuration: 1 Day


In today’s competitive market scenario where acquiring new customers is difficult, retaining them is even more demanding & challenging. Successful businesses depend on successful relationships – between individuals, departments, and between companies and their professional partners. This dynamic program takes you through the complete sales cycle, right from relationship selling to managing them & retaining them forever.


–  Assess the effectiveness of the relationship building strategy.
–  Build long- term relationships with customers
–  Show enthusiasm and confidence while interacting with customers
–  Internalize the skills required to enhance sales efficacy with focus on negotiation for maximum gains.
–  Re-energize Client Relationships: Create long term loyalty

Program Outline-

–  Making a Commitment to Follow through
–  Develop Assertiveness
–  Managing Relationship
–  Introduction To Customer Service/Care
–  Rapport building
–  Empower , Enhance and Excel