Dear Friends,


The summer has arrived.Temperatures are soaring, Elections and IPL are around the corner, unemployment has been climbing and the stock market has been playing games. In this market most of us are all seeking a cool and refreshing gateway to recharge our spirit and refuel our drives. Between your schedules of travel, business and non business activities we would like to present to you the 3rd edition of our News Letter.

I recently conducted a couple of workshops for two of my esteemed clients at Jhadavgad; a fort built on a hillock in 1907 in Saswad village about 25 kms from Pune. Today it is a heritage hotel. Something that caught my attention instantly, while I was there, was the motto of the fort cum hotel – Ladh Jaghadh Aage badh – which means struggle, fight and MOVE ON. So true and apt for today’s time! Ups and downs are a part of life and business. But the most important thing is how we deal with it and somewhere this Newsletter is dedicated to all the people who believe in the spirit of MOVING ON…

If you think the glass is half empty you could be in recession If you think it’s half full, you very well could be the next

market Leader

A slogan of an advertisement agency

In this News letter I would like to give you a brief about the significant happenings around us:

26/11 – India Anguished

The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower hotel has always held a special place for us . Especially for me, as I have conducted numerous workshops under the domes of the Taj. It is truly the symbol of India’s hospitality splendour. And to believe that Taj , Trident , VT Station , Nariman House , Metro Cinema Crossing were all the targets of mindless acts of terror, is hard to believe .We salute every brave soldier and every civilian who fought or was a victim of it . Institutions and people may be damaged by the act but cannot be destroyed in zeal and soul.

Last week I met Karambir Kang, General Manager –Taj, Mumbai who by now we all know is an epitome of bravery and compassion. As a member of the training and HR Community, I salute his courage to endure and his determination to surmount all sacrifices! I pray, he continues to get all the strength and courage as he has shown through his exemplary acts what it means in life to MOVE ON ……

NANO- A promise delivered

They call it the car for the aam admi. And it has finally arrived. The world’s most economical car that will transform the lives of many Indian families by fulfilling their dreams to own a car. (what will happen to our roads , is left to your imagination ). Ratan Tata’s Nano is truly a great example for breaking conventional barriers.

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’” –

George Bernard Shaw

Satyam Saga- Asatya Exposed

India’s biggest corporate fraud has taught us some very important lessons. Small problems if left unattended can grow into biggerproblems. Reputation and integrity are the cornerstones of any successful business enterprise. To risk, it means, to risk your existence! I am sure TechMahindra (White Knight for the Satyam employees ) will now create a SAT – YAM in the true sense of the word.

15th Lok Sabha Elections: World’s largest democracy goes to vote

From the snow capped mountains of the Himalayas to the sweltering and dynamic plains of north India and to the captivating beaches of the south to the majestic hills of the North East to the Magic of the West , 714 million Indians are eligible to vote in the General elections from a population of 1.1 billion people.

My dear friends, its time we reflect and measure carefully where we are and where we should be. Today we have a choice as responsible citizens of the country to bring into power the leaders who will help shape our future. Leaders, who will identify challenges and provide solutions to tackle them and leaders who will march ahead creating a blue print for India’s growth. Please remember, the ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.

As things stand now, elections results this year are likely to bring some interesting and unpredictable alliances. Let’s wait and watch. Whatever the results are, I am sure the nation is destined to MOVE ON…… So,Vote and vote for the right!

Young and Happening- India’s Daughters

Despite the economic slow down, the businesses in India are witnessing some interesting developments. Lately we have seen a number of daughters succeeding their fathers. The latest being Jayanti Chauhan, the daughter of Parle Bisleri’s Ramesh Chauhan joining Parle Bisleri as a Director; Nandini Piramal, daughter of Ajay Piramal joining as the Executive Director in Piramal Healthcare and Tanya Dubash and Nisa Godrej daughters of Adi Godrej who are now taking more active roles in the business after their father’s decision to move out of the day to day operations. Just a small mention would be the number of girls joining Management Institutes this year has gone up – so cheers to more LADY MANAGERS passing out and conquering the management world.

As a proud father of two young daughters, and husband of an entrepreneurial wife it fills me with great pride to see more women navigating boardroom discussions. Here’s wishing the women of substance the very best and hoping that they make their family and the country proud by taking businesses to new altitudes with the right attitude.

Training Sessions

The workshops saw me travelling across India and overseas and I had an opportunity to conduct workshops on Giving and Receiving Feedback, Train the Trainer, Managing People, Relationship Management, Leadership and Team Building and Marketing.

Apart from the corporates, various sessions were conducted for schools and management institutions. A highlight was a workshop conducted on Leadership, Motivation and Team Building for a government organization which saw the attendance of some very distinguished personalities.

Global Training Meet- Munich

I was also a part of the Global training meet that was held in Munich. It was a great trip in terms of learning and we had the unique opportunity of interacting with trainers from across the globe – Australia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Germany, US, UK, Czech Republic , Hungary , Japan , Italy among others.

It was an excellent opportunity for me to share my experiences and ideas with them and also improve my in house knowledge about the training business in different geographies. I shall keep you posted on the further developments in due course as we are trying to create a synergetic Network.

It has been my pleasure to write to you again. I hope you enjoyed reading the 3rd News letter edition as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feel free to write in with your thoughts and comments. I always enjoy receiving your mails.

“The world is more malleable than we think… It’s waiting for us to hammer it into shape.”