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I write this letter after conducting CECOR session with GE Australia and when I look back I appreciate the wonderful journey over last decade.

I thank you for the opportunity of working together and growing the depth and complexity of training delivery from basic sales workshop to multilevel deliveries for a varied range of clients across industries as well as global boundaries. From Educational Institutions to Media, Engineering to IT, Healthcare to Banking we’ve developed business insights which have helped us maintain long term strategic relationships with many of our clients. The experience we gain in one sector adds value to the knowledge bank and subsequent workshops.

We have over the last decade undertaken numerous training programs to develop high-caliber personnel for our clients. Optimal combination of building blocks has enabled us to successfully deliver customized programs that suit corporate training requirements.

Redwood Explored/Unleashed in 2007

Training Expertise

Industry Overview

Giving an EDGE to The Redwood Edge ( Future)

Circle of Influence

Redwood Unleashed in 2007:

Certification & Accredition

Affiliation with International Training organizations such as Lockwood Leadership International and Skillteach.(U.S.A)

Keynote Speaker at Symbiosis – CERT meet at Dubai in April 2007

Certified GE Train The Marketer Module Shanghai April 2007

Trainer of G.E Corporate- 2007

It ‘was a journey full of challenges Quarter by Quarter where everything has changed from the range of client to the global boundaries except the Client satisfaction.

Quarter 1 came up with lot of sales workshop for a varied clientele ranging from media to financial companies to banks. The workshop with Franklin Templeton came up as a challenge which The Redwood Edge welcomed and served as per the expectations of the client.

Quarter 2 was a surprise package where along with the confidence of being capable of dealing with the high expectations of scores of clients we added to the list with majors like Allianz Securities , BNP Paribas , Deutsche Bank , Franklin Templeton , GE India and Lehman Brothers.Quarter 2 saw a increase of 32% over the previous quarter in the no. of man-hours of delivery.

We entered Quarter 3 with an increase in workshops by 40%, where we had pressure to perform as we were standing there to compete ourselves as the market image we had build up had increased the expectations. We served Q3 with the maximum no. of workshops in congruence with maximum satisfaction of participants.

Q4 saw a remarkable change in the pattern as it faced the toughest challenges and gave a big jump to The Redwood Edge with lot of overseas programmes coming in to the bag like Kirloskar Brothers, Timberland Singapore, GE CECOR and EURONET.

I still remember , dealing with GE Australia group was the biggest challenge for me as being the only Non GE trainer conducting high end GE CECOR workshop and dealing with an all together culturally diverse set of people was a challenge in itself.

Q4 saw an increase of 45. % of workshops.

Training Expertise

Conducted over 200 workshops for HDFC Bank and over 100 workshops for Citigroup. Customised Training for corporate on various topics like Winning Edge. Facilitators workshop, JOSH , Million Dollar Round Table workshop. Sole consultant in Asia to deliver GE Marketing workshops in Asia Pacific Region.

Industry Overview:

The training industry in India is estimated at around Rs5,000 crore, and promises a massive growth potential. Its real expansion potential can be gauged from the fact that it is a $100 billion industry in a developed economy like the US.

The arena of training has moved on from employee retention programmes to issues like sales training, leadership, relationship building and increasing production.

Nasscom figures indicate that the IT corporate training market is expected to touch Rs 600 crore by 2010 from the current Rs 210 crore. Internationally, 80 percent of a training company’s revenue comes from corporate training. However, in the Indian market, the revenue figure could be 50 percent from retail training and the rest from the corporate segment.

Giving an EDGE to The Redwood Edge

We gear up for the new year with initiatives to add dimensions to enhance our horizons including e-learning, personalized workshops and coaching.

Launching electronic reflections of my programs with the help of tool of WBT Would enhance my reach and availability. The E-learning, a unifying term to describe the fields of online learning, web-based training, and technology-delivered instruction will help the learner acquire specific skills and satisfy defined performance objectives at his own pace.

The Redwood Edge personalized workshops to be launched shortly would be aimed at students and job seekers who would wish to hone their professional skills in the shortest time with our SMEs and councellors.Here we leverage our partner The Redwood Horizon strength in recruitments and offer the combined services under a single umbrella of Redwood Group.

Circle of Influence

The spectrum of influence of The Redwood Edge has originated from India and has covered United Kingdom, Australia, New York, Singapore, UAE, Philippines Indonesia, China and Bangladesh.

It would have been impossible to stand alone without all of your good wishes and support.

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.

I and the Redwood Edge Team together wish you a very prosperous New Year.

Cheers, Prakash