Duration: 2 Days


Most markets and industries are operating in an increasingly crowded market space. Survival in today’s market place is dependent on many more elements than price alone. Key Account Management (KAM) brings a professional, structured and strategic approach to the acquisition, management, retention and development of customers. This workshop is designed to equip account and relationship managers with the skills and tools to focus and identify, develop dynamic account strategies and plans for their key account


–  Focus on the role of key account manager.
–  Identifying key accounts, recognizing and developing the potential in their account portfolio.
–  Develop the skills and tools and implement account strategies and plans for their key accounts to create a WIN-WIN for both the organisation and the customers.
–  Develop a strategic approach to managing the most important accounts.
–  Focus on key activities and value adds that successful account managers must bring to their customers.

Program Outline-

–  Focus On The Role Of Key Account Manager
–  Appreciate How Managing Key Accounts Differs From Other Sales Activities
–  Delineate Process
–  Develop Relationship