interact to impactDuration: 1 Day


Great organizations reinvent continuously embodying the values and empowering the human capital to excel by continuously revisiting, enhancing and developing competencies . One of the greatest challenges is to enhance the Power of Interaction to create a Impact.As a result, businesses today are increasingly driven to enable Leaders to excel in this dynamic Winning Interactions and creating a Impact on a daily basis with Customers , Colleagues , Team Members , Partners etc, The scope of each individual as an employee has broadened …. From technical expertise to business understanding and people connectivity. Four areas to focus for creating Excellence are:

–  Mindset
–  Active Interaction
–  Handling Difficult Conversation and
–  Creating Relationships

To embark upon the journey to empower the Leaders, The Redwood Edge proposes “Interact to Impact” program. The session focus would be on being able to optimize Interaction to ensure WIN WIN outcomes.


–  Recognise the Value and Need for Interacting at every level.
–  Understand the theory and concepts of Interaction Styles and how they apply to create Impact.
–  Establish the best ways for dealing with difficult situations and managing resistance and emotions to create positive outcomes.
–  Recognize own Interaction Style and Manage interpersonal Challenges by Style Flexing.

Program Contents

–  Importance and Challenges of Interaction
–  Dimensions of Behaviour
–  Interaction Styles
–  Interpersonal Acumen
–  Dealing with Difficult Situations
–  Dealing with Difficult Conversations
–  Influencing for Results