Duration: 2 Days


In an ideal world, difficult behaviors have no place at work. However, in reality, dealing with difficult people & difficult situations is something many people face as part of their everyday work life. The stress of handling difficult people and difficult situations can create a lack of productivity, poor attitude, and reluctance to come to work. This interactive and participation module aims at how to handle difficult conversation effectively and ensure successful outcomes.


–  Understand the importance of the role of Manager in successfully dealing with conflict situations promptly and efficiently.
–  Approach people problems with increased confidence and an enhanced understanding of the reasons behind their behaviour.
–  Appreciate & implement the best strategies & actions for managing people. Deal with conflict situations promptly and efficiently.
–  Conduct difficult conversation effectively for successful results


Program Outline-

–   Attitude – A Vital Asset!
–   Difficult conversations and their consequences
–   Dealing with difficult conversation
–   Working with Assertiveness
–  Developing Your Understanding of Behaviour
–   Handling Employee Personalities
–   Dealing with Difficult Situations
–   Role Plays – Dealing with Others Effectively