Duration: 2 Days


In any organization the task of the manager is to recognize the employees’ innate talents and streamline them to achieve the organizational goals. Feedback delivered properly is as essential as money in motivating staff. This module shall help managers and other participants in utilizing guidelines for giving and receiving constructive feedback at work.


–  Understand the power of the HR tool- giving and receiving feedback and its importance in creating enabled and empowered teams
–  Internalize the process of feedback- both giving and receiving
–  Appreciate that different personalities require specific feedback for optimizing performance
–  Focus on the golden rules of giving and receiving feedback and practice effective counseling sessions

Program Outline-

–  Golden Rules & Barriers
–  Feedback and Performance Management System
–  Giving Effective Feedback
–  Achieving desired performance through feedback
–  Feedback Frame Work
–  Handling Employee Personalities
–  Receiving Feedback
–  Counseling For Enhancing Performance