DEDuration: 1 Day

Background –

In today’ s dynamic and volatile business environment People are the foundation of organizational capability.It is this capability that has the power to truly differentiate and grow a business. Workforce motivation therefore plays a significant role in the organization s success. The key is to get them to do a good job consistently.One needs to raise the bar constantly and make things happen. The principal difference between the average person and the one who is highly successful is the CAN DO ATTITUDE AND THE EXTRA DEGREE OF PASSION.


–  Learn assertive communication skills and interact effectively with others to create positive outcomes.
–  Proactively schedule tasks by adopting necessary time management strategies and techniques to
–  Minimize procrastination.
–  Understand and practice high impact Communication Skills for enhanced results.

Program Contents

–  Passion for Self
–  Passion for Organisation
–  Working with Assertiveness
–  Goal Setting
–  Time Management
–  Communications Dynamics
–  Take Action and Be Committed