Duration: 1 Day


Increasingly, attention to the customer is becoming the criterion by which a company is judged. Today the customer has been raised to the status of a King. The essence of good customer service is to display a Winning Attitude and creating a WIN WIN relationship with customers. The key is to provide a Customer CENTRIC approach. This course aims to give you the knowledge, skills and customer service attitude to anticipate and respond to the problems which customers inevitably face.


–  Focus on Attitude and Passion with the aim to provide exceptional service.
–  Understand the importance of self and that “I” not only make the difference but a Winning Difference to EXCEED EXPECTATIONS.
–  Appreciate that Service is an Organizational DNA and that globally is now a Business Protector and Business Driver

Program Outline-

–  Introduction To Customer Service/Care
–  How Do We Manage Service
–  Improve Your Effectiveness