Duration: 2 Days


In today s competitive business environment, an organizations ability to plan, make and sell its products or solutionsis of great importance. Many times, we focus so much on improving our products and services that we don’tconcentrate enough on sales performance.Consultative selling is essential, if you want to enhance the image of a sales person.

Every Sales personnel aims to be perceived as a True Consultant one who partners, with the customer.This is where the true essence of Evolving as a Consultant emerges.Keeping the above areas in mind, the program on Consultative selling defines the specific set of requirements, to portray WORLD-CLASS SELLING CAPABILITY .


–  Re-energize self by focusing on developing personal attributes and skills with the aim to achieve personal and professional goals
–  Identify and enhance the consultative selling skills that work towards optimizing interactional process; and influence decisions in various business situations.
–  Focus on attitude with the aim to provide exceptional service by internalizing the enhanced customer interactional techniques

Program Contents –

Empower Self
–  Passion for self and work!
–  Working with Assertiveness
–  Managing Time
Execute Business
–  Revisit the Sales Framework
–  Uncover the Consultative Selling Process
Enhance Relationships
–  Develop Relationships