C2C - CopyDuration: 3 Hours


With the business having grown now it is a matter of displaying Excellence at a different operating level. In today s dynamic and volatile business environment People are the foundation of organizational capability. It is this capability that has the power to truly differentiate and grow a business. Business Leadership is simply the act of trying to get people together to accomplish the desired goals.


–  Re-energize self by focusing on developing personal attributes and skills with the aim to achieve personal and professional goals
–  Enhance team performance by establishing an environment of trust and mutual support, where every Team
–  Member displays the Power of Working together as ONE TEAM ONE ENERGY
–  Inculcate the team values required for enhanced results, essential for creating the team and making it work.

Program Contents

–  Connect with Self Passion for Self
–  Connect with your Organisation Pride for your Organisation
–  Connect with Team Team is You + Me