Leadership Presence 1Program Overview :

Today, Business leaders are becoming increasingly visible on public forums. Hence it is vital for them to invest time to enhance their presentation skills to position themselves and their ideas in a consistently positive and professional manner. The ability to communicate powerfully and effectively represents one of the most critical skills a business leader must have. As a communicator, it’s essential to gain the trust and belief from the audience.

The Redwood Edge thus proposes “The Leadership Presence” One On One Coaching program on Presentation Skills to accentuate the Power of Communication in the success journey of Leaders.

Presentation is all about creating Leadership Presence. Two elements are critical for Impactful Presentations:

–  Credibility
–  Platform Skills

Its all about Connecting – Heart To Heart for the emotional appeal and Mind To Mind for the content.

The session will focus on Three Critical elements of Presentation Skills:

–   Media Interviews
–   Formal Presentations
–   Town Hall Meetings and Informal Presentations


–  Appreciate that each Presentation is an opportunity to create an Impact and it all starts from within
–  Internalize the Presentation Skills with emphasis on one’s own personal style, thus increasing self-power and listener acceptance.
–  Plan, Organize and Design powerful presentations using technology effectively


The coaching program would be divided into three phases:

Phase I – Pre Coaching:

a. Self Assessment: A Questionnaire would be provided to assess Self on certain parameters on as-is basis to gage the current inventory on Presentation Skills
b. Observation: Observations would be done by viewing recorded Interviews, Presentations , Discussion at forums videos. Also observing some live engagement of one’s at any forum.

The observations would be assessed and specific inputs would be provided keeping in mind one’s presentation style, delivery and the connect with the audience.

Phase II – Coaching:

Three half day coaching sessions and after two weeks one half day review session.

a. Contents:

– Accentuate Persuasiveness and Eloquence In Presentations
– Customize Content And Delivery For Different Audiences
– Employ Creative Approaches To Preparation Of Presentation
– Appreciate Appropriate Body Language As A Tool Of Communication
– The Art OF Connecting With The Audience
– Handling Interactions/Discussions Effectively
– Individual Presentation Assignments
– Tactful use of Humour
– Handling Q&A
– Dealing with Different Audience Personalities

b.Action Plan – To implement the learnings of the coaching sessions action plan would be prepared.

Phase III – Post Coaching:

The post coaching would be divided into two sub phases:

–    Immediately after the Coaching Sessions

a. Self Assessment: A Questionnaire would be provided to assess Self on certain parameters to evaluate the improvement areas.
b. Learning and Feedback Sharing

–    After two weeks from Coaching Sessions, the final session would be conducted.

c. Review: Check alignment of Implementations with the Action Plan.
d. Observing Live Engagement
e. Discussing Specifics
f. Key Learnings for Enhanced Impact as a Presenter

Program Flow