Business Ethics and Corporate Governance


Duration – 1 Day


Credibility is built to showcase the desired image and Image is built on various factors such as Morals, Values, Integrity, Personality, and most importantly People. Business Ethics isn’t about transactions of today and tomorrow, instead it is a Transformation for a long term which directly reflects in your behaviour and further carries forward to your people. Hence, the values (business ethics) need to be clearly articulated and demonstrated. The ethical behaviour needs to be embedded within the strategies and action plan to internalize Business Ethics as an Organizational DNA and Culture.

Moving forward without business ethics is like a car traveling a curvy road without guard rails.  And the best thing about building a Moral Structure helps to bring clarity and focus which may take away maximum uncertainties of results. It is easy to say “Ethics must become part of the culture.” Where does an organization begin to make that happen?

“People Buy from People They Know and Trust”

Trust = Credibility = Business Image

Ethical Business Culture

–  Understand why business ethics is important for a successful business
–  The ethical challenges faced by the Organization and People
–  How ethical values can be embedded into business practice.
–  Alignment with the “Performance Trinity” components—management and leadership of Self, Culture and Values, and Strategy and Vision
–  Inherit the quality of being believable,dependable, and worthy of people’s trust and confidence
–  Carrying out a “Critical Self Appraisal” independent of the environment that you function into
–  Building a Culture of Transparency and Open Communication
–  High Degree of Personal Integrity and Commitment
–  Meet standards and expectations to avoid jeopardizing the interests of self and others
–  Two-way communication. Encourage employees to speak up about their concerns
–  Ethical Mindset not only includes Self Integrity and High Values but also Whistle Blowing when it is violated in your surroundings.


–  Diagnostic Calls/Meetings during Pre Training phase
–  PowerPoint Presentation Slides
–  Role Plays
–  Handouts / Exercises / Activities (Relevance and Need based)
–  Learning Guide for Future Reference
–  Audio Visual Clippings
–  Customized Videos for Each Session
–  LPT Tool for Planning and Goal Setting at the end of each session and Follow Up on commitments made in LPT form during Post Training phase