Building Empathy and Responsiveness


Duration – 2 Days

The session will cover the following content elements:

Emotional Intelligence (Empathy)

– How to have empathic communication typically in Admin Team day today Scenarios (Role Plays)
– Enhancing empathic ability
– Action Steps to create Self-Awareness
– Practical Takeaways and Solutions to Handle Crucial Relationships, People and Situations for the Admin Team to have Effective Interactions


–  Planning a feedback and getting the facts right
–  Giving Effective Feedback
–  Feedback Frame Work
–  Handling different Personalities and Conversations
–  Receiving Feedback

Transactional Analysis

An introduction to Transactional Analysis .How your behaviour affects others and vice versa. Recognizing factors which influence an individual’s mindset. Building harmonious and open working relationships. Identifying the situation that will demand the sensitivities of a Crucial Conversation and moulding speech accordingly.

Working with Assertiveness

Know how to work with assertiveness, Behavioral aspect Being Assertive, Being Aggressive, additional areas of assertiveness. Dominance Sociability Indicator Matrix – Analysis for Each Individual Phrasing – Rephrasing.

Dealing with Crucial Situations

Typical situations you may face at work and ways of dealing with them .Deal with situations rather than personalities .Overcoming the preconceived ideas and attitudes of others – looking for positive outcomes. Produce a “win-win” solution through a proven problem-solving approach.

Dealing with Crucial Conversation

Successfully handling crucial conversations requires considerable amount of planning. It calls for analyzing the situation from both, organizational as well as individual perspectives and understanding the impact of the conversation. The session focuses on understanding the various elements of Crucial Conversations, Types Of Scenarios, Identifying different employee personalities, Behaviour Performance Matrix and steps to navigate through Crucial Conversations to end it on a WIN WIN outcome.

Interaction Styles

–  Establish an environment where Collaboration prevails to bridge the gaps of functioning in Silos
–  Assimilate the Belief that “None of Us is as good as ALL OF US”
–  Managing Interpersonal Relationships tactfully and persuasively
–  Handle different personalities in the team sensitively
–  Establish Inter Department cohesiveness to sustain the Image of your Brand in the Industry
–  Overcome the Barriers of Interaction through Interaction Styles
–  Appreciate that people are unique Style wise and have different approaches
–  Understand the concepts of Interaction Style
–  The Importance of Knowing one’s Style
–  The Interaction Style Model; Interaction Style- Self Profile
–  Key Characteristics of Each Style (Need, Orientation and Growth Action);Style Highlights
–  Interpersonal Acumen
–  Strategies for Influencing people with different styles- Style Flex Planning


NOTE: Two days of the session will be highly engaging and experiential. The session will also include Discussion with the Group, Role Plays, Best Practices and Stories from the Corporate World and Individual Benchmarks.